Lego Party Favors

lego party favors Party favors for a Lego party can range from very simple and easy to more time-consuming and complex. Consider the following favors as remembrances for your child’s Lego party.

Pre-made Lego Kit: Celebrate Express has a set of lego party favors which includes LEGOVille blowout, LEGOVille stickers, toy fire engine, assorted color-dough and cookie cutter and a sheriff’s badge clip

Lego blocks goody bag: Fill a small plastic bag with Lego blocks, twist at the top and tie with bright, primary-colored Legos. These could also serve as prizes for the party games. You could even use a Lego Party Favor Box to put the favors into.

Lego candy goody bag: Buy Lego candy and fill the party favor bags with that, similar to the Lego blocks goody bag. Kids think Lego candy is really cool – the pieces can actually fit together, so kids can build before eating!

Lego picture frames: Early in the party, have another adult take a picture of each child. Print these pictures and place them in inexpensive picture frames. Call each child over individually, and have them select some Legos with which to decorate their frame. Hot-glue the Legos to the frame to decorate it. This party favor makes a nice, lasting favor for each child to take home.

Creative Lego Party Favor Idea
If you’re looking to make a totally different and fun party favor for the kids at your party then create something out of lego! Simply get a big box of lego pieces, Amazon has 884 pieces for $50. You’ll probably need between 50 – 100 pieces per child depending on the size of the box you’re going to make. Then get your child and you to create little houses, boxes, bags or whatever other shape you want out of lego. Just be sure that it can hold some other stuff. Then put candy, toys, keychains and whatever other Lego Party Favors you want into the lego creation. Now the kids will get both the lego and the candy inside!

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Lego Party Favors

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