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Lego party games and activities are the highlight of the party for many kids. lego candy piecesThe activities can range be very organized and planned or something less structured depending on the time. We recommend having a few structured games to provide focused activities and also having some free time for play. Here are a few structured and organized games that might be perfect for your party.

Create your own Lego pieces – Similar to the Lego party decoration craft project you can turn this into a project for the kids. Using shoe boxes, egg cartons, glue and Krylon spray paint (non-toxic and smelly) you can have have the kids create their own Lego piece!

Duplicate an object – Provide the children with a set amount of Lego pieces. Then provide a picture of an object that the kids must create (building, car, train, etc…). Tell them that they have 5 minutes to try and recreate the object. They’ll have a great time showing off their creations.

Tasty Lego Object – This is a fun game that the kids will DEFINITELY LOVE. Using Lego candy pieces make the kids create the tastiest object possible. This is fun because the Lego pieces are also candy so they’ll already be using something tasty!

Here are a few more Lego party game articles that may help to create a special party.

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Lego Party Games

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The following games are fun and easy to do, with little advance preparation needed. Pass the Lego Sit the children in a circle (or 2 or 3, depending on the number of children at the party). Give a Lego to one child, and start the music. The children pass the Lego to their left as…