Lego Decorations

star wars lego posterThe decorations for a party help to set the mood and let the kids know exactly what the theme of the party will be. Your Lego themed decorations can be store bought or homemade depending on your budget. We recommend a combination of both store-bought and homemade as this saves money and you can turn the homemade decorations into a craft project for the birthday boy or girl. Check out a large selection of Lego party supplies here.

As most parents know Lego has a variety of different themes and this is also the case with Lego themed parties. Your decorations can reflect one of the Lego themes, you have the choice between either a LegoVille Party theme or Star Wars Lego theme.

Lego Decoration Ideas

Here are a few Lego decoration ideas that can really create a special party.

Lego Pieces – Using a shoebox, paper cups or egg cartons and wrapping paper you can create your own lego pieces. Simply take the shoebox and attach the egg cartons or paper cups than spray paint the whole piece. Do a variety of colors and sizes to get a really cool lego effect! We recommend using Krylon Latex Aerosol Spray paint as it is non-toxic and doesn’t leave that bad spray paint smell.

Decorate with Lego Obviously, a very easy way to decorate the room is to create cool and creative lego designs to place in the room. Be aware though that the kids WILL touch them and play with them unless you put them in a spot where it’s un-reachable. But allowing the kids to play with Lego at a Lego birthday party is half the fun!

Lego Poster – A great way to decorate the room is to use a Lego poster. A Lego poster can be selected in almost all the Lego themes from Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and even Legoville. Your child can even decorate their room after the party too!

Lego Stamp

Our articles below have a variety of other Lego themed decoration ideas for either a classic Lego party or even a Star Wars Lego party!

Lego Decorations - Articles

Lego Party Decorations

lego mylar balloons

Decorating for a Lego party is very easy, and can be done with inexpensive materials in a short amount of time. Tables: To begin, simply cover each table with a primary-colored tablecloth or fabric. For ease, and to minimize potential tablecloth-related problems with young children, you might tape the tablecloth to the underside of the…