Star Wars Lego Party Favors

lego star wars party favorsStar Wars Lego is one of the most popular Lego themes which means finding Star Wars Lego party favors is actually VERY easy. In fact, the trickiest part is deciding when to stop adding favors to their gift bags!

The easiest option is to purchase a pre-made Star Wars favor pack. There are two official Lego Star Wars packages but they aren’t really much different than a regular Star Wars pack. The list below describes the contents of each box, click on the link to see an image of that party favor pack.

star wars lightsaber
If none of those options are what you’re looking for than consider a few of these ideas below. Start with a Star Wars Lego gift bag and fill it with a few of the following items.

  • Candy – A great candy to include is Lego brick candy.
  • Small toys from the dollar store – You may be able to find Star Wars themed items depending on the store.
  • Inflatable Lightsaber
  • Lego Star Wars Mini-figure
  • Lego Star Wars Papercraft characters – Build your own Lego Star Wars characters. Check out our R2-D2 paper craft character and review here.
  • Star Wars Lego Photo – Take a photo of each of the party guests at the party doing their best Star Wars pose. Then while they are having lunch print off a photo of each child and include the photo in their favor packs!

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If you hosted a Star Wars Lego party what did you do for the party favors? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Wars Lego Party Favors

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