Ninjago Lego Birthday Party

ninjago party posterLego has evolved from a simple construction toy to a construction toy with different themes. One of these is the Lego Nijago theme which is based on Ninja’s and consists of a battle game called Spinjitzu. The Spinjitzu game, as most parents and kids know, involves a your mini-figure, a spinner, weapons and different cards. The object being to knock the other persons mini-figure and weapons down with your mini-figure. If your child has asked for a Ninjago Birthday party this year than this article will help you get on your way to creating a successful party.

The first thing to know is that as of right now (October 2011) there isn’t any official Ninjago party supplies. This will hopefully change in the future but for now we’re stuck without. If you’re child just likes ninja’s and it doesn’t have to be specific to Ninjago than check out a Ninja party pack which has all the party supplies you need for a ninja party. You can also get Karate party supplies too.

If the party HAS to be Ninjago than read-on as we have done our best to help guide you to a spinning good time.

Ninjago Invitations
Invitations can be done in a variety of ways. The first and easiest is by finding a few Ninjago images online and creating your own card on the computer. However, this also takes quite a bit of time and effort, rather we recommend checking out the pre-made invitation here. Here are some pre-made Ninjago invitations that look great and might be suitable for your party.
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Ninjago Decorations
A great way to decorate your venue in Ninjago decorations is by using the Ninjago poster (image top right). The poster features a few of the Ninjago’s spinning on the cover. It is 3ft by 2ft so it’ll definitely take up a bit of room in the house. You can also add Ninjago colors (red, black and yellow) as part of the decorations. This can be done with balloons and/or multi-colored streamers. Also, don’t forget to decorate the table with a red tablecloth and yellow napkins.

Ninjago Party Favors
The party favors for the Ninjago party is where you can really get creative (and expensive). If price is an issue (and it usually is) we recommend adding one or two official Ninjago merchandise in the party favor and supplement the rest of the bag with candy and small trinkets that can be purchased from the dollar store. This makes a great party favor as the kids love the official piece of Ninjago and all the other items too! A few ideas for Ninjago merchandise includes a Ninjago t-shirt ($12+), Ninjago Key-chain and Ninjago Book. To make things easier here are all the Ninjago products that are less than $5!

Here are a few more Ninjago party favor ideas.
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Ninjago Birthday Cake
Surprisingly, the birthday cake is probably the easiest part of the whole party. You can purchase a Ninjago edible image cake topper from the selection of options below. You simply peel off the icing and apply it to the already iced cake and you will have a perfectly themed birthday cake! To really finish off the cake you can add a few Ninjago mini-figures.
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Ninjago Party Games
Ninjago is a very fun and interactive game and your party games and activities should be along this line. Remember that spinning is a large part of the Ninjago game and this should be taken into consideration for all your party games.

Pin the Weapon on the Ninjago: In this game you print off a picture of a Ninjago character (preferably one of the heroes). Then have your local office supply store blow it up and print it in a large format. On your own computer you can print off the picture of a few Ninjago weapons. This game is played just like Pin the tail on the Donkey but instead of the donkey and tail you are using a Ninjago character and weapons.

Spin to win: Have a contest to see who can have their Ninjago character spin for the longest. You can make this a tournament format where the winners keep on playing each other.

Spin and race: In this game have the kids line up in two lines to create a relay. The kids must spin themselves around 10 times, run to the clothes and dress like a ninja, spin another 10 times, defeat the evil balloon on the chair and return home where they tag the next Ninja in the line.

Ninjago Party Food
For the party food we recommend browsing through our Lego party food articles. The food doesn’t have to be specific to Ninjago and Lego themed food will definitely suffice!

Hopefully this Lego Ninjago party planning article helps you to throw a terrific party. If you hosted a party, are going to host a party or have more ideas for this party theme let us know in the comments below.

Ninjago Lego Birthday Party

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