Lego Party Supplies and Ideas

lego party supplies Lego has been around for many MANY years. In fact, most parents group up with Lego and are now sharing this very simple and fun toy with their kids. Many kids absolutely love Lego and would love nothing more than a Lego themed birthday party. If this is the case, have no fear, it is quite easy to put together a very simple and inexpensive birthday party.

With a Lego birthday party, the decorations, food, games, and favors can range from simple to something more complex.  You can choose to use basic Lego colors and merchandise or you can choose a Lego theme like a Star Wars Lego Birthday Party.  Any of these options will provide a memorable and fun party for your child and guests.   We have done our best to create a site that is helpful for you planning your party. We have articles on the following topics which include a few homemade ideas as well to help you save money!

  • Lego Party Decorations – The birthday boy or girl can help make “large Legos” from boxes to use as centerpieces and decorations.
  • Lego Party Food – The main attraction, of course, is the Lego birthday cake, and there are several options for that. Other party foods are Lego-colored as well, including M&M’s, Jello Jigglers, and punch.
  • Lego Birthday Cake – A Lego birthday cake can be put together quite simply or using more complex designs from this article.
  • Lego Party Games and Activities – The games at a Lego party are pretty active, so a large outdoor space would be best.
  • Lego Party Favors or Gift Bags – Party favors are simple – Lego treat bags and Lego picture frames – but make fun treats and mementos for the party-goers to take with them.
  • Lego Birthday Gift Ideas – A list of suggested lego gifts, including great ideas for children aged 2 through 8.

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