Lego Food

ice cube trayWhen hosting a Lego Birthday party you will want to incorporate a few lego food items to the party. This might sound like a tricky idea, however, it’s actually much simpler than most people think. Here are a few ideas that are simple and fun!

Lego Ice Cubes – Using a Lego Ice Cube Tray you can create ice-cubes shaped exactly like lego pieces. Alternatively, you can purchase a Lego Mini-figure ice-cube tray shaped like Lego Mini-figures. This makes a great addition to any drink.

Lego Hard Candies – You can purchase Lego candy pieces, although not a wholesome food, this is a great Lego food item and addition to your Lego Themed party favors!

Lego Pancakes – Using a Lego cookie cutter you can create Lego mini-figure pancakes which are definitely a hit with the kids!

Lego Cookies – Again, using Lego cookie cutters you can create fun and delicious cookies.

Mini-Figure Mini-Pizza’s – Simply create you own pizza dough (this recipe is good). Next, using your MIni-figure cookie cutter, cut out mini-pizzas. Now let the kids assemble their own mini-pizzas!

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Lego Food - Articles

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