Lego Party Favors

The party favors are the highlight of the party for all the non-birthday boys or girls. Kids love the suspense, fun and new toys that come with their party favors. This makes having good party favors one of the important pieces to a well planned party. Your Lego party favors can range from inexpensive homemade favors to something store bought. We recommend a combination of both options as you can provide a fun toy while creating your own bag and adding your own candy.

Lego Party Favor Pack – This party favor package comes with all the materials to make fun and FAST party favors that the kids will enjoy. This option has the least amount of work but might also be one of the pricier options depending on the number of children.

Lego Building Kit – You can purchase an inexpensive Lego building kit that can act as the party favor or be an addition to a party favor package. Here is a selection of Lego Building kits that are less than $5 a piece.

Lego Mini Figure – Some kids really love the Lego Mini-figures. This can make a great addition to your party favor package.

Lego Candy Blocks – You can purchase Lego Candy Blocks which are pieces of candy shaped exactly like Lego. These can also be used in your Lego party games and is a must for any good Lego birthday party!

Here are a few more Lego Party favor articles that might help you create memorable party favors!

Lego Party Favors - Articles

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Star Wars Lego is one of the most popular Lego themes which means finding Star Wars Lego party favors is actually VERY easy. In fact, the trickiest part is deciding when to stop adding favors to their gift bags! The easiest option is to purchase a pre-made Star Wars favor pack. There are two official…

Lego Party Favors

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Party favors for a Lego party can range from very simple and easy to more time-consuming and complex. Consider the following favors as remembrances for your child’s Lego party. Pre-made Lego Kit: Celebrate Express has a set of lego party favors which includes LEGOVille blowout, LEGOVille stickers, toy fire engine, assorted color-dough and cookie cutter…