Lego Birthday Cupcake Ideas

lego cupcakeWhen hosting any birthday party the Birthday cake is one of the main attractions. Parents love to find out about the cake and kids love the anticipation of being able eat the cake. However, a new trend is showing up at many birthday parties and that’s Birthday Cupcakes rather than a birthday cake!

Cupcakes are a great way to make personalized cakes for each of the kids. This also makes cutting the cake much simpler and you don’t have to worry about icing or decorating a large cake. All these reasons is what’s making Cupcakes a VERY popular option for kids birthday parties.

Lego Candy Pieces – For a very simple Lego cupcake decoration you can simply add Lego Candy pieces to each cupcake. Be warned that this might be better for a dessert than the birthday cake.

Lego Mini-figure Toppers – For a cupcake topper that the Lego-lovers will enjoy you can add a Lego Mini-figure to the top of each cupcake. The kids will love this as they get their very own Mini-figure with each cupcake! Simply, choose a mini-figure from the Lego theme that your child likes the most! Note: This works best to put a lego piece below the mini-figure so icing doesn’t end up on the mini-figure itself!

Lego Cupcake Image Topper – Adding a Cupcake image topper to each cupcake is fairly simple. You simply bake a cupcake, ice it as normal. Then peel off the cupcake image topper and apply it to the icing. Press down and then wait for 30 minutes for it settle into the icing. Once complete you have a great looking cupcake with very little work!
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Lego Pieces Cupcakes – You can create cupcakes resembling a Lego piece by baking your cupcake batter in a square cupcake pan. Then ice your cupcake with one of the Lego primary colors (yellow, blue, red or green). Next, bake a batch of mini-cupcakes using a mini-cupcake pan and ice accordingly. Then add the mini-cupcakes to the square pieces to create a square lego cupcake piece!

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Lego Birthday Cupcake Ideas

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