Lego Cake

lego mini figure cakeThe birthday cake at any kids party is one of the highlights of the party and this is no different with a Lego themed birthday party. It’s a simple fact that kids love cake and coming up with a cool Lego birthday cake will have them bouncing in their chairs! When organizing the birthday cake you have two options to choose: pre-made or homemade. The pre-made option is definitely easier, however, it is more expensive and won’t be as customizable. Alternatively, you can choose to create a homemade birthday cake which is more work and requires more preparation but the results are usually more impressive and the kids will appreciate the effort!

Lego Mini-Figure Cake – This cake is easier to create than most think. Simply bake your favorite cake recipe in the pan and then decorate with icing to create your Lego Mini-figure. Check out the cake pan here.

Simple Cake with Cake Toppers – Another simple option is to create a simple rectangular cake and add a cake topper. We have listed many different cake topper options in the articles below.

Lego Jelly Mold Brick Cake Pan – This cake pan is great for creating cakes, jello and other molds. The cake pan can help create a lego brick piece cake fairly easily. Check out the pan here.

Finally, with whatever cake you choose Lego Candles are a great way to transform a cake from bland to beautiful! Here are a few more articles on creating a great Lego birthday cake and/or cupcakes!

Lego Cake - Articles

Lego Star Wars Birthday Cake or Cupcakes

star wars lego edible image topper

Lego Star Wars is incredibly popular and might be the theme of your birthday party. If this is the case and you’re looking for a simple solution for your birthday cake than consider an edible image topper. Edible image toppers are simply icing that has an image printed onto them. You simply bake a cake…

Lego Birthday Cupcake Ideas

lego cupcake

When hosting any birthday party the Birthday cake is one of the main attractions. Parents love to find out about the cake and kids love the anticipation of being able eat the cake. However, a new trend is showing up at many birthday parties and that’s Birthday Cupcakes rather than a birthday cake! Cupcakes are…