Lego Star Wars – Create Your Own Cubed Mini-Figure Craft Activity

star wars lego cubed craft activityHere is a great Lego Star Wars party activity, creating your own cubed Mini-figure. This can also be a great item to include in your Lego Star Wars party favors as it's super cheap (the cost of printing and thicker paper) and the kids will love the results!

To start you have to visit the Papercraft website here. You will be able to download the R2-D2, C-3PO, Yoda, Anakin and Obi Wan cubee crafts. These are basically templates that you cut out and fold to create a cubed version of the character. No tape is required and the whole cutting process will take between 10 - 45 minutes depending on the character and speed of cutting. I created an R2-D2 cube papercraft character below.

lego star wars cube papercraft

On the design it says that thicker paper is recommended with all papercraft characters. This is DEFINITELY true as I used cheap computer paper and it was a very tricky operation to have all the pieces stay together. The final result when printed on 9.5" x 11" standard computer paper was 1.75" in height. You can see the size of the character compared to a AA battery below.

lego star wars cube papercraft

All in all this is fun activity or craft that the kids will enjoy. It does take a bit or work and patience but the final product was definitely worth all the cutting!

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