Lego Party Supplies

lego party supplies Because the Lego theme can be so easy to do, party supplies are easy to find. Most of these could be purchased at any large retail store or dollar store; if you want to purchase things that are more theme-specific, such as a Lego-shaped cake pan or Lego gifts, you may have to go to a party store and/or online. For all parts of the party – decorations, games, favors – you are going to need lots and lots of Legos, so purchase them in bulk.

Decoration Supply List
Primary colored balloons and streamers
Colored tablecloths or materials
Boxes and Styrofoam cups (for making large Legos)
Primary colored wrapping paper
Small Legos (for scattering)
Lego coloring pages (printed from online)
Poster paper (to use as backing for the Lego coloring page placemats)

Food Supply List

Birthday cake pan (Lego-shaped pan or rectangular pan and cupcake pan)
Birthday cake mixes
Plain white icing
Food coloring
Lego Candles
Lego Cake Toppers
Potato chips
Several different colors of Jello mix
Different colors of punch or juice
Lego Ice Cubes
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Game Supply List
CD of “kid music”, CD player
clear plastic cups
several tablespoons
coffee cans or milk jugs
plastic jar with lid, filled with Legos
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Party Favor List
Lego Theme favor boxes
Brightly-colored ribbon
Lego candy
Small Lego Toys
Plain picture frames
Hot glue gun
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Lego Party Supplies

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