Lego Party – Overview

lego party invitations This party is centered completely on the colorful building blocks that we all had as children – Legos. A Lego-themed party is most appropriate for children ages 3-8 but is great for kids of all ages!

The Lego-themed party is based completely on Legos. Therefore, for this party, you need to collect all those Legos from under the couch cushions and that one you stepped on while you were vacuuming! For an economical approach, go to yard sales or thrift stores and collect more Legos before you buy any new ones. You will use these Legos for decorations, games, and party favors.

Remember, a good lego party starts with the invitations. You can make your own with some simple colorful construction paper cut into lego shapes. Or you can buy a pre-made lego invitation which will save you time but cost more money.

Another part of the theme is bright colors. All of the decorations and food should be based on Lego colors. Legos come in red, white, yellow, black, green, and blue, so stick with those colors exclusively for the party. You'll want to make sure the lego birthday cake is also either in those colors or has some lego cake toppers to make it really look great!

Be creative and have fun with the kids because Legos are all about learning and enjoying!

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