Lego Party Gifts

lego duplo set If your child is invited to a Lego party, there is a wide variety of Lego gifts that you could select for the birthday boy or girl. Check out a selection here. The following gifts are a few ideas that are appropriate for different ages and levels of children.

Duplo sets: A favorite of the 2-3 year olds, Duplo sets are large Legos, made specifically for small hands. Check out Lego Duplo Sets here. The Play by Numbers set provides entertainment for young kids, and also allows them to learn the numbers 1-10 as they play.

Thomas and Friends: This is another popular set for young children. Make Thomas the Train and his friends using large Lego blocks. Check out more Thomas Train Lego gifts here.

Older children might enjoy gifts related to particular movie interests. For example, Lego makes Toy Story Lego-themed sets, like Construct-a-Buzz, Construct-a-Zurg, Woody’s Roundup, and Buzz’s star Command Spaceship. Likewise, your child might like a Star Wars-themed lego set, such as Luke’s Landspeeder or an X-Wing Fighter.

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Lego Party Gifts

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