Lego Party Games

lego party The following games are fun and easy to do, with little advance preparation needed.

Pass the Lego
Sit the children in a circle (or 2 or 3, depending on the number of children at the party). Give a Lego to one child, and start the music. The children pass the Lego to their left as quickly as they can. When the music stops, the person who is holding the Lego is “out”. Shrink the circle, and start the music. Play continues until only one person is left – the winner!

Lego relay
Put children into lines, with the same number of children in each line. Across the yard, put several small piles of Legos – one for each line. At the front of the lines, place a clear, empty plastic cup, marked with the “finish line”. Give the first person in line a tablespoon. Their task is to run to the Lego pile, scoop Legos into the spoon, and hurry back to his line. The first person puts his spoonful of Legos into the cup and hands the spoon to the next person. The first team to fill to the line on their cup is the winning team.

Lego toss
For this game, you will need coffee cans or milk jugs with the tops cut out. Give children a handful of Legos. Stand children a reasonable distance back from the can or jug, and have them toss the Legos one at a time. Count how many Legos each child tosses in, and the one who “rings” the most is the winner. For more fun (and older children), you might assign a point value to each Lego (red = 2 points, yellow = 3 points, etc.), and tally each child’s score.

Guess the number of Legos
Fill a jar or other container with Legos. As children enter the party, have them guess how many Legos they think are in the jar. Each child should write his or her guess on a scrap of paper and put it into a small box next to the jar. Before the end of the party, check the guesses and award the jar of Legos to the person whose guess is closest.

Free build
The joy of Legos is the opportunity for kids to be creative in their construction. Allow children time to build their own creation, then award prizes. Ensure that each child gets a prize – “Most Creative”, “Best Built”, “Wackiest Building”, etc.

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Lego Party Games

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