Lego Party Decorations

lego mylar balloons Decorating for a Lego party is very easy, and can be done with inexpensive materials in a short amount of time.

Tables: To begin, simply cover each table with a primary-colored tablecloth or fabric. For ease, and to minimize potential tablecloth-related problems with young children, you might tape the tablecloth to the underside of the table. You can also choose to use a Lego Tablecover which is pretty neat!

Centerpieces:Make large Legos! Cover boxes with primary-colored wrapping paper. Cut the top off of Styrofoam cups, leaving only about 1-2 inches at the bottom. Cover them with the same-colored paper, and affix them to the top of the boxes to make large Legos. Using Krylon Spray paint makes the job faster and provides very little “spray paint” smell. Attach balloons to your large Lego to finish your centerpieces. Finally, scatter Legos around the centerpieces. You could also make a cool lego creation which would double as a giveaway to one of the party guests!

Wall Decorations: Decorating the walls is another great way to make your Lego party venue come alive. You can choose many different options from a Lego banner to a poster. We recommend using a Lego poster using their favorite Lego theme. Here is a few options to choose from.
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Area decorations: For a Lego party, select streamers, lego themed mylar ballons and balloons that are primary-colored, and drape them around the party area. If you wanted to be ambitious, you could make more large Legos from boxes (just like the centerpieces), and make some large Lego structures that could be placed around for decorative purposes.

Print out Lego coloring pages, glue them to pieces of posterboard and trim them. Give them to the children along with crayons, so that they can make their own placemat. Or buy a lego activity placemat which you can scatter around the house or give to each child.

A Lego party pack has both the tableware and Lego party decorations that you would want at a discounted price. Check it out here.
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Lego Party Decorations

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