Lego Party Cake and Food

lego cake candles Two important parts of any good party is the food and of course the cake! The cake is quite often the main show of the party (after the lego party games) so be sure to create something memorable!

Lego Birthday Cake
Lego Shaped Cake: There are several options from which to choose when considering a cake. One option is to purchase a Lego cake mold, and bake the cake using that. The decorate with a few different colors of icing. Here are a few more options of Lego Cake Pans
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Homemade Lego Shaped Cake: A second option is to make a rectangular cake and several cupcakes. Cut the top off of the cupcakes to make a level surface, and place the cupcake circles onto the top of the rectangular cake, making one large Lego. The ice the cake accordingly and place lego candles on the top to finish it off!

Lego Cut-out Cake: A third option is to make a plain square or rectangular cake, cut it into Lego-shaped pieces for serving, and ice each individual piece a different color. In any case, buy plain white icing and color it Lego-colored with food coloring. Serve the Lego-themed cake with a scoop of ice cream for each child.

lego cake candles

Lego Party Snacks
Snacks for the Lego-themed party should be simple, and follow the same color scheme as the rest of the party, as much as possible. The following party food should make the Lego partygoers happy and full!

In keeping with the color scheme, choose snacks that are brightly colored. One idea is to use M&Ms. These could be sorted by color before the party starts, and placed in bowls at each table. Another kid-friendly, bright-colored snack that would fit into the theme is Jello Jigglers. These are easy to make, and always a hit with children. For a salty snack, serve plain chips. For a beverage, make a colorful punch – red or green would work well for this party.

Remember, to keep the party clean and with less clean-up use paper plates, napkins and cups. You can buy Lego Themed tableware which will really help make the theme pop. In fact, buying a Lego Themed Party pack will have all the supplies for the tableware and a few extra decorations! Check out Celebrate Express for your lego themed party pack.

Lego Party Cake and Food

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